Geocaching in Styria

The game is quickly explained. The participants are divided into several teams and equipped with GPS devices. The teams then set off with these GPS devices in search of the so-called geocaches, whereby each team has its own route and therefore its own caches. Hidden in these so-called caches (cans) are fun but challenging puzzles and tasks that the teams have to solve along the way. These tasks are designed in such a way that Google will not be able to help in this case; every single team member is required to solve them. At this team event, the participants not only have fun, but also pass interesting places and corners, get to know their colleagues (even) better and are really challenged in the process. This experience is not usually competitive, but can be turned into a competition if desired. At the end, all participants receive a small, sweet reward.

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Geocaching in the city center of Graz

Price on request

2 - 3 Stunden




Geocaching involves finding several very well camouflaged, small containers on a route through Graz. These geocaches are adapted in shape and color to their surroundings and contain puzzles and tasks for the team. Each team (4 to max. 10 people) finds its own geocaches. The route takes you to many g...

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